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Welcome to Drawing with Shapes - Your how to draw website

This site is for anyone who wishes to learn to draw. When you want to learn how to draw anything, from the simplest picture to the most complex, shapes are used. The drawing lessons on this site are different than most step by step learn to draw websites.Every lesson on this site will use easy to draw shapes - circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and cylinders. By using these shapes, it makes drawing more fun and less frustrating.

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Unicorn - Rat - Superhero - Hummingbird - Simple Cat 

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Besides a great place to learn to draw, there are a few more features you should check out while on the site. The Gallery is the place to send us your great art work. If you draw something you are proud of send it to us and we will display it for all to see. If you can't find the drawing lesson you want or just have a suggestion to make the site better - send us a request. Are you in the mood to color a picture? Go to our coloring pages for a printable coloring sheet of all our drawing lessons. If you are just in the mood to draw, maybe practice drawing shapes, go to our online drawing page. When you are satisfied with your drawing, you can save it to your computer. Finally, if you want to take a break from drawing, play our drawing games or go to the online coloring page. You can even submit a picture to the gallery for others to see.

If you create a step by step drawing lesson that you think others would like, send it to us. We will put it on the site. 

Art is a great hobby when you are able to draw successfully.  I hope this site allows you to have fun without frustration. It's time to grab a pencil and paper, pick a drawing lesson from the categories and start drawing!

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Last Updated 8/13/2012

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